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A Lovely Dress In A Rare Encounter

Despite having an open door business, you’d be surprised to know that most of clients know me from my virtual store. I’m extremely thankful that through the wonder of internet, I have come to meet so many wonderful clients. In a way, you can say that  my website and Instagram are my fully well-functioning stores, while the actual store is more like a gallery and workshop.

So you can imagine my surprise when I had a totally random walk-in client. Her name is Maylany and it’s definitely a unique experience for me to welcome someone holding a piece of fabric in her hand. Her mission was simple: a dress for her sister’s wedding, but the challenge was not as simple, because the fabric in her hand was quite limited in quantity.

But it’s in the designer spirit in me to always make do with what I have. I also believe that it lies in the designer herself to make the creative decision instead of forcing client to change her mind about something, such as purchasing new fabric.

The dress that I ended up making for her is a semi-mermaid dress. I also made do with illusion fabric for several area such as the chest and sleeves. It created a sheer canvas for sequins which I embedded generously for that extra sparkle and glam. So voila! There you have it, a perfectly wearable and comfortable formal gown fit for an outdoor wedding party.

Well, now that Maylany has my contact, I’m glad that she doesn’t have to randomly walk in places to find a suitable dressmaker. That, and also the fact that the internet connection allowed her to send me a snap of her dress during the event in Bali. She didn’t just look happy, she looked ecstatic. Congratulations Maylany on the happy event, hope to be of your service again.

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