Cocktail Dress

Dancing Through The Night

How would you like to remember your wedding? For some people, they want it to last all night. That’s why the After-Party is invented! A party after a party, that just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Bali was the wedding destination for Mega Octavia and hubby. The magical island became the witness to the sweet union for the pair and it lasted from day to night. It’s such a joyous occasion and I’m so glad a piece of my creation served its purpose well to her owner.

This After-Party wedding dress is actually quite a simple one, but magnificent all the same. Knowing that Mega would dance the night away, I created a dress that is fluid with motion. This way she could easily sway, twirl, and feel as carefree as she could be.

Using transparent fabric to cover the front upper bodice, there’s a trace of sweetheart neckline that gives the feminine illusion to the bride. Meanwhile, there’s a whole detailed pattern going on at the back of the dress, with carefully hand-sewn details and beautiful beads.

From waist down is a dual layer design for that extra flirty and glam effect. The first layer is the mini short which is perfect for relaxing hours and letting your hair down. While the outer layer is a see-through chiffon skirt that is clinched at the waist and slit down to reveal just enough skin for the lustrous vibe. 

Needless to say, Mega had one great night in the company of all her loved ones, including this little piece from SZH Atelier. Thanks for the trust, dear!

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