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Arif & Mega – Engagement Ceremony

Remember Arif – Mega and her gorgeous gowns from their pre-wedding session?. I had the pleasure of designing another piece of couture gown for the bride who is also a dear friend of mine.

For her engagement ceremony, Mega gave me the freedom to create a formal gown for this special event. She knew she wanted a dress in gold color, which was of course an excellent choice for her silky and fair skin tone.

I opted for a cheongsam piece, because I simply love the idea of oriental feminine. It’s also a way to pay tribute to the tradition of Chinese wedding, which involves many cultural meanings to honor the moments building up to the wedding day.

This golden cheongsam gown is dominated with high-quality lace material that resembles bee-hive pattern. It’s rich, glamorous and fitting to Mega who was the queen of the day. To elevate the dress, a generous amount of multi-color pearls is added all the way from the upper chest area to the high collar.

The colors of the pearls are a combination of yellow gold, rose gold, and bronze. For extra brilliance to this dress, more sprinkles of silver element is added to bring a certain level of uniqueness and add dimension to the dress tremendously.

This cheongsam dress also boasts a sexy back design , but overall this stunning dress is actually a rather simple one. The cutting was laid-back with a straight pencil skirt for the bottom. I decided to let the dress speaks for herself not through the design but the combination of pearls and all the magnetic silver patterns on the upper bodice.

As expected, Mega carried this cheongsam superbly well and she looked extraordinary in her engagement ceremony. With her golden cheongsam, there’s no stopping her that day and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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